Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Piano Recital!

Kyla, Marcella and me!
Marcella & me
Reading the story of Peer Gynt in my witch hat!
This was a pumpkin cake that I made all out of cupcakes and then decorated with Reese's- -so fun to make!!
Our yummy treats: pumpkin bars, fruits & veggies and pumpkin cake!
Yesterday we had our Fall Piano Recital for the girls I teach piano to. The whole recital was Halloween themed. Kyla & Marcella learned Halloween songs to perform and I even tackled a tricky Edvard Grieg song called "In the Hall of the Mountain King" that is one of his famous eerie songs. The girls did great performing their pieces. They worked so hard to learn them and I was so proud of them! Before I played my song, I told them the story behind the song I was playing, which was all about a mischeivious rascal named Peer Gynt. He got into all sorts of trouble and ended up being chased by the Troll King and the many trolls that lived in his palace because Peer refused to marry the king's daugher---the Troll Princess. In the music you can hear the footsteps of Peer as he runs through the castle trying to escape the Troll King. It was fun to tell them the story and help them pick out the parts in the song, so they could truly appreciate the music. To make it more "halloween-y" I put on my witch hat for the storytelling. After recital ended we had some yummy Halloween treats--It was a great recital. Keep up the great practicing girls--you are awesome musicians!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Welcome Fall!!

Steve and I have been hearing about this place called Huber Farms ever since we moved here to Kentucky. So last Saturday Steve, Roscoe and I decided to make the trip to Indiana and go check it out. It is a family owned place where they have orchards, a winery, a family restaurant, pumpkin patch, a corn maze and lots more! It was a beautiful Fall day and we had fun taking a tractor ride, picking our own apples in the orchards, walking with Roscoe around the lake, eating delicious food and getting ourselves some homemade black raspberry jam! It was a lot of fun and a perfect place to welcome in Fall!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Conference Weekend!

I feel I have to write tonight and say what a wonderful Conference weekend it has been. Steve and I always look forward to these times of the year where we get the opportunity to listen to the messages that the leaders of our Church have to share with us. I also love that we have the luxury of watching Conference in our own home. It always helps make our home feel more peaceful as the talks and songs are played and heard throughout the house.
As we watched the sessions of Conference, I felt that there was an overall underlying theme of HOPE and of gaining personal strength to help you through the storms of life. I especially loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk. He spoke about trying. He said that we need to try to love God more. He encouraged us to "try and keep on trying until that which seemed difficult becomes possible and that which seems only possible becomes a habit and a real part of you." He told us to not get discouraged if we stumble at times because regardless of our current state there is hope. I felt so uplifted while listening to his words, as well as the words of the other general authorities and our prophet, Thomas S. Monson. I mentioned to Steve that I wish you could capture how you feel when you are watching Conference and bottle it up to pour out a little during times when you need it most. Life becomes more simple and clear as I listen to the messages of hope during Conference. I feel like I can handle anything that comes my way. I wish I could find a way to hold onto those feelings. I am so grateful for a loving prophet who is inspired to know what we each personally need to hear to be motivated and most importantly to feel loved. I am truly uplifted today and motivated to be a better person. To keep trying. Even when it's not easy. I hope that I can do the things that will help bring me closer to my Savior and fully appreciate his sacrifice for me.