Tuesday, October 23, 2007

California Girl at Heart!

Steve and I had the chance to go to California this past weekend to go to the wedding of our good friends Marc and Sarah!!! YAY!! The wedding was beautiful and we were happy to be there sharing in their joy. We flew in to LAX on Friday (thanks to Rach for picking us up!!!) and I got to spend the day with my best friend Rachel! It was so much fun and definitely full of hilarious adventures and memories! We had lunch at our favorite little place, Alcove..we played with Myles, went to dinner and made friends with a stranger who had a great time telling us all of his crazy stories and of course made a stop to GOLDEN SPOON!!!..it was so much fun and I loved getting to see her again! I miss you already Rach!!! Friday night we drove down to San Diego and I got to see my family!! I was so excited to see them. I really miss them a lot. My brother drove down from Long Beach too so I got to be with all 4 of my siblings!! It was the best! We had a blast..eating Mom's yummy food, talking, laughing, and reminicsing. I loved every minute of it! Sunday night we drove up to Yorba Linda and got to spend time with Steve's parents, who had just gotten back from vacation. It was great to see them! The end of the weekend took a weird turn as my family had to be evacuated from their home due to the fires in San Diego. So far everything is fine..I just pray it will continue that way. It was so wonderful to see everyone, even though it was just a short trip. I can't wait till the next trip!!