Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another Year Older and Wiser....maybe just older.

Last month I celebrated my 34th birthday! I had a wonderful day and a fun week of birthday celebrating. Steve and I went whale watching out of the San Diego Harbor (and even saw a gray whale! well as lots of dolphins, sea otters and pelicans!) After whale watching Steve and my sister had planned a surprise birthday party at the beach for me with my family! It was so much fun. We just hung out and played at the beach all day. We roasted hot dogs, ate the yummiest snacks and then went to ride the rollar coaster at Belmont Park. (One of my favorite things do to with my family!) Then everyone came back to our house and we played games and ate the most decadent mint 'n chip ice cream pie ever made!!!  The next week I celebrated again with a birthday dinner at Fidel's with the girls! It was tons of fun and I love Mexican food! I appreciate all those who remembered me on my birthday. I felt truly loved! Here's to another year!