Friday, May 29, 2009

Time to Sleep in!!

Today we had our last day of seminary for the school year. We survived!!! And what's even better is we had a fun time too! Don't I have the cutest seminary kids ever! They are great! (They were all decked out with spray paint in this picture because they had a school party last night where the seniors all spray painted the juniors and then they have to go to school with their spray paint on the next day.) I am so grateful for the Spirit they brought to class every morning, and their participation and dedication to seminary. Have a great summer guys....sleep in lots!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Johnson's come to Kentucky!

This past weekend Steve's cousin Derek, his wife Hilary and their 3 kids came to visit us! It was so great to see them and we packed our days full of fun!! On Friday we rented a boat and played on Taylorsville Lake all day waterskiing and tubing, Saturday we went to the Louisville Slugger Bat Musuem and also to the races at Churchill Downs , then Sunday we went to Church and after Church we went to the park and enjoyed a beautiful day! We also had a lot of fun after the lil guys went to bed every night playing Nertz with Derek and Hil and staying up late talking! We love you guys! Come back again!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pure Fun-P Party!!!!

This past Friday night we had a Triple P Slumber Party (Personal Progress Party) at my house with the Young Women. Back when I was YW President I had set a goal with the girls to reach with their Personal Progress. The reward was a P Party where everything would start with the letter "P." Well the girls reached their goal so we had the party and boy did we have fun! The girls came in their PJ's, they all brought their favorite P snack--like pretzels, pickles, peanut butter cups, popcorn, etc, I made ice cream pies for dessert...we watched P movies-- like Penelope, and I even got a parrot pinata for them to bust open. We also had fun doing pedicures and painting our nails. I miss getting to work with the Young Women and it was so fun to have them all over. I love you girls!!! Keep up your good work on Personal Progress!

I Dared and I Conquered....

I had to post about this because it actually worked and I wanted to share!! After everyone went home from the slumber party for the Young Women that I had at my house, I was cleaning up and found bright purple nail polish on my brown leather couch. I was really distraught and didn't know how it would ever come off. I know that leather is really tricky to treat and I didn't want to make the damage worse...but I couldn't see having purple polish on it forever!! So I called one of my genius friends, (a big thank you Adrianne--since this was actually your idea) and she reccomended that I swab a little nail polish remover on the spot on the couch with the polish on it. Sounds simple. Right. But I was scared to do that because I have always heard that nail polish remover ruins anything it touches. Anyway, after two days of staring at the purple on my couch I decided to go for it. I used some nail polish remover on a Q-tip and lightly went over the area, and then wiped it off with water...and voila!!!! No more pretty purple on my couch!! I was so happy! I love learning about things that work as solutions! I am also very lucky to have smart friends!