Sunday, September 13, 2009

Football Saturday!!!

Steve's yummy burgers--don't they look simply delish??!!
Steve and Roscoe having male bonding time watching football
I'm really gonna miss this kitchen when we leave--it's one of my favorite places in the house!
I have to blog for a minute about our fun weekend! Yesterday morning I had to leave early to go to a meeting in New Albany for a few hours. When I got home, to my surprise Steve had already taken Roscoe to the park for a run and some playtime and been to the grocery store to get all the things we needed to have a BBQ! I was so happy and surprised! I thought it was so cute that he would think to do that. So we had the funnest day watching football and grilling! Steve made the yummiest burgers ever...I'm drooling right now just thinking about them. We topped the night off by having loaded sundaes and celebrating victoriously about the wins of our favorite teams....BYU and USC!!!! Go Cougs and Trojans!! I'm convinced that SC won because of the tiki torch Steve lit in our backyard in honor of the 4th quarter torch lighting ceremony they do at the Collisium! I think that's ultimately what pulled them through! :) At the end of it all--I cleaned up the kitchen and realized again that there are few things in life that make me as thrilled as having a squeaky clean, shining kitchen!! It really does make me happy! That's the update on our weekend....we also spent a fun Friday night celebrating Morgan's birthday with her at Funtopia! Now, it's time to start a new week--hope it's a good one for everyone!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Steve-O's Birthday Bash!

OOhhhh...what's next??......
Roscoe was a great help to Steve with opening presents!

Who me?? I didn't do anything.....

Me & Ross The Boss

Roscoe tuckered out after helping open presents...notice he fell asleep with paper in his mouth!!

This past weekend we celebrated Steve's birthday! I planned a surprise trip to Sandusky, Ohio for us to go to Cedar Point. Cedar Point is about 6 hours away from us and is basically like a Six Flags....on has some of the fastest, highest, most intense rollar coasters in the country. We spent all day Friday there, running around like little kids riding all the best coasters. The cool thing was, since we went on a Friday, the lines really weren't that long for the was great! The first ride we went on, Millenium Force, was crazy! It was about 350 feet up, and then straight down going 93 miles per hour. Of course, Steve wanted to sit in the first row, and of course..being his birthday and all, I couldn't deny him. How much do I love this man???!!!! So we did it--and it was awesome!! We were both freaked out but loved it and ended up riding it again later on in the day. Another of the best rides we went on was Top Thrill Dragster. This ride was not for the weak of heart. You started at a dead stop and then zoomed to 120 miles per hour in about 4 shot you straight up 420 feet high and then dropped you down (still going 120 mph) at a 80 degree angle. It was so crazy fast--the whole ride was only 17 seconds long! The first time we went on it, I was close to tears, I was so scared, but it ended up being one of my favorite rides and I was begging to go on it again at the end of the day! It definitely fulfills your need for speed! We had the funnest day! If any of you guys are looking for an intense time, or want to test yourself and conquer your fears check out If you click on a rollar coaster you can watch a POV (point-of-view video) and see just how fast and high they are! It was so much fun!!
We spent Saturday hanging out by Lake Erie and taking in the sights. We saw Marblehead Lighthouse and took lazy naps by the lake. Then we started our drive back home, stopping for Steve's birthday dinner in Cincinnati at the Precinct. I had made reservations there to surprise him! It was one of the most amazing restaurants we have ever been too. It is an old police station house that has been made into one of the classiest, most delicious steakhouses ever! The food was spectacular! We thouroughly enjoyed ourselves!
After dinner we headed home and Steve's birthday was made complete when the Dodgers, BYU and the Trojans all won their games!! He was one happy man!
Steve is usually the one spoiling me, so it was so fun to plan this and surprise him! Happy Birthday sweetheart! I love life with you!