Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trip to New England!

The Holocost Memorial--each side of this building is full of numbered people from the concentration camps.

Acorn Street...my favorite street in Boston! I love the cobblestone and plants.

Kevin Garnett taking a stroll on the field
Who's on 1st?.......Shaq's on First!!
Watch out...this guy throws some serious heat!
Aboard the USS Constitution

Check out those pretty colors!!

Jamie & Amanda eating the best lobster stew in the world at Newick's
Shopping in Portsmouth
Amanda & I at the lighthouse in Maine
A couple weekends ago Steve and I made a trip to the New England area to visit some friends in New Hampshire and see the beautiful Fall leaves! It was a fun trip. We flew there on Thursday night and Amanda and Jamie met us at the airport. On Friday, they had to work but were kind enough to let us use their car, the amazing Golden Bullet and Steve and I had a great day touring all around Boston. We saw a lot of historical sights and enjoyed some great clam chowder at the Union Oyster House....the oldest restaurant in the nation! We also struck lucky when we went to see Fenway Park and caught the Boston Celtics playing an impromptu baseball game for fun. Yes--we got pictures of Shaq and Kevin Garnett! It was a great surprise! On Saturday, the Hornes and Hallinans (our New Hampshire buddies) had a fun day driving to the White Mountains to see the leaves, eating the yummiest lobster stew at Newick's, stomping around the cute stores in Portsmouth, and going on a lighthouse hunt in Maine! We ended the day with Amanda's famous chili and homemade apple crisp.And of course snuggling with their loveable dog, Chica. We had a great time and miss you guys! Thanks again for everything!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

La Isla Mujeres

Exploring the caves at the Sculpture Park
These iguana guys were everywhere! They are so cool! (even though this one looks like he

wants to eat us for lunch!)

This was my favorite spot--the pier at Playa Lancheros at sunset! So pretty!

Enjoying sunset at Playa Norte

We were in heaven with all the beautiful beaches!

This guy is priceless!

Gettin brave and holding a nurse shark!!

Delicious crepes at Hildago Cafe
My new BFF, Stefano...aka: the best gelato maker in the world!

Dancing with Angel the Dolphin

Steve getting a smooch
Holding Casear the Manatee

A couple weeks ago, Steve and I took a trip to La Isla Mujeres, Mexica. It is a small island off Cancun and is absolutely beautiful! This trip was a celebration of Steve returning home safely from Iraq and we had a great time. The highlights were:
-Relaxing and reading on the beautiful white sand beaches
-Adventurous taxi rides
-Chips and guac everyday!!!
-All the fun restaurants and new foods we got to try! (Cazuelas, chik n' tix, etc...)
-Ending our day with gelato every night at Monte Biano with Stefano (the Italian guy that owns it--yes we became best friends!)

-Swimming with sealions, manatees, sharks, rays and dolphins

-Seeing the "tortugas!" (turtles)

-pretty much everything. we had a great time. Welcome back Steve! I'm so glad you're home!