Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chicago is our kind of town!!!

Frank Sinatra's favorite restaurant in Chicago---tasty ribs!
Steve doin' his robot at Oz Park
Blue Man Group concert----what a party!
To die for orange bread french toast and strawberry orange juice at this gem
This was the cutest group of men outside the park, playing their instruments--
Cubbies game at Wrigley Field---we love baseball games!!

Beautiful Wrigley Field---gotta love the ivy covered walls

The most beautiful fountain I have ever seen--loved the architecture of it.

one of my favorite pictures!
Crazy masks at Grant Park fair

Enjoying some soulful music at the Chicago Jazz Festival
A "quick" hour wait for the yummiest bruschetta and deep dish Chicago pizza at Lou's--
Seriously...the tallest ferris wheel I have ever seen!
On the ferris wheel with my babes!
View of Chicago from the ferris wheel
Kicking off Steve's birthday with midnight sundae and hot chocolate at Ghirardelli's
Happy Birthday my love!
Steve opening up the Christmas advent calender I made for him while he was deployed
(it patterns the one he grew up with as a kid...he loved it!!)

Walking through the city in the rain---such a fun night!

This little...errr..big guy was so tucked in and cozy I couldn't resist a cute!
Steve...imitating his personal mascot----THE LION!

On a water taxi going down the river
AHHHH!!!....don't look down!!
Standing on the ledge in the Skydeck of the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) high!
Steve's personal message on the Willis Tower wall
The Bean in Mellenium Park

enjoying a tasty cinnamon roll in the park from Yolk...mmmmm
Last weekend for Steve's birthday I planned a surprise trip to Chicago for him!! We had a blast and crammed the few days we had there full of fun!! We loved everything but here are some of our very favorites about Chicago:
*yummy breakfast's at Yolk
*Blue Man Group concert
*Buckingham Fountain at Grant Park
*Cubbies game at Wrigley Field
*Skydeck in the Willis Tower (formerly Sears tower)
*Chicago Jazz Festival at Grant Park
*Lincoln Park Zoo
*Steve's birthday dinner at Benny's Chop House and our $61.00 appetizer that was "on the house" (as a thanks to Steve for his military service and safe return home!!)
*Walking through the city at night in the rain with my sweetheart
*Seeing Steve smile so much!
It was a great trip---it was the coolest city and we loved it!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!! You are the best husband and make me so incredibly happy! I'm so glad you're home and we can play again! Love you!