Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Roscoe's 1st Bath!

So Steve and I braved it yesterday and gave Roscoe his first bath! We were both a little apprehensive as to what his reaction would be--he is a VERY playful, energetic puppy and we were preparing to be soaked! When we put him in the bath..he just sat there calmly and let us shampoo and rinse him without any struggle. Maybe he's gonna be a waterdog after all! I couldn't resist getting snapping some pictures..he was too cute all sopping wet! We love this little guy!

Be My Valentine!

We had such a fun Valentine's Day this year. We started off the morning with pink heart pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream, bacon and smoothies. YUM! Then we all jumped in the car and went to the park for Roscoe to run around--it was so much fun just playing and walking down the trails by the lake. Roscoe was running around and having a blast but as you can see from the pictures...he was pretty tuckered out on the car ride home! After the park we came home and Steve had prepared a spa day for me. He had a big bubble bath going with all kinds of fun scrubs for me to use. It was so relaxing--what a hubby I have to spoil me like that! He had little surprises for me all day and made it so fun. We had a wonderful day and enjoyed being together. I am continually reminded of just how lucky I am to have found Steve. He surpasses all the dreams I had of a husband and I am so grateful for the life we have together and how we are constantly there for each other, making it easier to get through the tough parts of life. I love you Valentine! Thanks for being mine!