Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good Music + Great Husband=Good Time

Last Friday Steve surprised me yet again by getting tickets for us to go see John Legend in Indiana. I am a big fan of his and love his crooning love songs with his cool jazz vibe thrown in--plus he can really tear it up on the keys! It's rare to see such an amazing piano player. The concert was outdoors and was so much fun. I love being outside at night in the summer! It was a great time and I am feeling very spoiled right now by my adorable husband! He never ceases to amaze me! Love you Steve!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Stompin Around the Big Apple!

Street show--They actually grabbed Steve as a volunteer and he was in this show..he was part of a line of people that these guys ran and jumped over!! Crazy!

This structure was on top of the World Trade Center when it was crashed into and has been preserved in the state it was found that day.
This was a tree near Trinity Church that was found on 9/11 and used to make this structure

Our hotel in Manhatten--THE HUDSON
Our room at the Hudson
Brunch at Sarabeth's Kitchen on the upper west side of Manhatten

Eating Grimaldi's pizza at Fulton Park under the Brooklyn Bridge

We saw some beautiful sights...........
....and some not so beautiful sights

On the steps of The Plaza Hotel...growing up watching Home Alone--this was a magical place for me to see!
Central Park--this place was stunningly beautiful--I loved it! What a cool park!

Cool statue by where they do "Shakespeare in the Park"
Belvedere Castle and Turtle Pond in Central Park--there were tons of turtles swimming around!

Musuem of Natural History

Columbus Circle-this was the main junction by our hotel

On the observation deck of the Empire State Building--our real life Sleepless in Seattle!
Our scared faces hanging off the top of the Empire State Building--it was SOOO high!

View of NYC from the Empire State Building
Ess-a Bagel----one word: YUM!
This is where they stayed in the movie "Serendipity"
New York Library
"Bookworm Christy" in the huge New York Library-I love to read and fell in love with this place!

Eating mango and blood orange gelato on the ferry ride to Statten Island
Statue of Liberty
Skyline view from the ferry
We had the yummiest coconut cake at Magnolia Bakery
The "Friends" Apartment in Greenwich Village

Ground Zero-The World Trade Center Site
The most gigantic yummiest sundaes at Serendipity
Been wanting to go here forever--love this place!!
Relaxing on the SkyView Terrace on the top of our hotel

View of the city from the SkyView Terrace
Waiting for the subway--what an experience!

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge
Arch in Washington Square

Playing in the fountain at Washington Square--there is nothing more free feeling than frolicking in water!

Going to dinner at Vice Versa
Hanging out in Times Square

Steve in his "happy place"
Galinda was played by Ali Mauzey, a girl Steve performed with in middle school

Wicked Stage at Gershwin Theatre on Broadway--this was a dream!! So good!!
Getting ready to see Wicked!!
No..we're definitely not Yankees fans but we had to see the new stadium
The Hershey Store

I have a wonderful husband. I know this and many of you do too. He is a true romancer! This past week he surprised me with a trip to New York for our 7th wedding anniversary! I was so excited--I had never been to the Big Apple before and have always wanted to go. First of all, I have to back up a bit--Steve handed me a list last week with a bunch of movies on it...some were I Am Legend, Maid in Manhatten, An Affair to Remember, Serendipity, and lots of others. We picked out some that we wanted to watch and watched them all last week--the week leading up to our anniversary. Last Thursday, Steve left me a note when he went to work asking me to figure out what all the movies had in common. I put it together after awhile that all the movies on the list were filmed in parts of New York. When I called to ask him if this was the right answer..he told me to pack my bags and get ready to go--to New York that is!!

We flew out Thursday night and spent a wonderful 3 days exploring all around New York! I loved it!!!! Such a fun city! Thanks to Steve for finding great deals on everything we were able to get to do a lot of fun things while we were there! The pictures tell most of our trip but a few of my favorite highlights were: sundaes at Serendipity, the Plaza, walking all through Central Park, Greenwich Village, seeing WICKED on Broadway!!!!, Times Square, the New York library, our delish dinner at Vice Versa, exploring the Farmer's Market on Lexington Ave., having sore, tired feet at the end of everyday but then getting excited to get up the next day and walk hundreds of miles again!, getting a manicure and getting all dressed up for the show, breakfast at Sarabeth's, and most of all spending all day, everyday with Steve. I am so lucky to have him. He always goes the extra mile to make me feel so special and do the things that he knows will bring a smile to my face! I love you so much honey. Happy 7 years! Here's to another 70!!!!